Budafest has zero tolerance for drug use. We use venues that are operated by independent venue management and under the laws of the Netherlands, do not permit the use of drugs and have zero tolerance for illegal drug use in their clubs - much like a club in the UK.

Should you be found with illegal highs, you will have these confiscated and will be evicted and/or denied entry to our venues via security and in some cases handed to local police.

We understand that even after our security and awareness measures are put in place and actioned - we have to acknowledge that our guests may bring and experiment with drugs during the festival. Although we do not condone drug use to any level please remember that substance abuse can be extremely dangerous and harmful - sometimes even life threatening, especially when mixed with alcohol.

Substance abuse can have adverse affects due to the sheer size and close proximity of the festival which can be extremely frightening and disorientating. Please ensure that if you begin to feel ill, depressed, frightened or general not yourself - you alert a member of staff right away and try to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

The health and safety of our guests is extremely important and we are here to help.

Please take into account that all of our venues are club venues and the sheer alcohol intake causes huge danger when mixed with drugs, causing a sometimes fatal chemical reaction. Please see below for particular combinations and their issues